First time

How would you like your first time to be?

“First Time” is for these men that are experienced enough in life in general but not quite enough in sexual matters.

Vialet Escort service likes to add to your sexual experience in a positively unforgettable way. It is an initiation in the Real Sensuality by a qualified female artist in the art of making love. “First time” is more than just good fun, it is education in the best way one can imagine. After having this initiation in the art of love making you will be the lover most women secretly look for.

“First Time” is the event you will like to repeat as long as you are sexualy active.

“First Time” is accesible for men over 21 only.


Economy Class: the model of you choice will see you for three full hours in a luxury room with (bubble)bath and king size bed. An extra surprise is awaiting you and your date. The economy class arrangement is €1000,-

Business Class: in the business class arrangement the model of your choice receives you in her luxury room for five hours. The king size bed and the (bubble) bath is ready and also the extra surprise for you and you date awaits you. This arrangement comes for €1350,-

First Class: Two bi-sexual models of your liking are yours for three hours in a luxury room with bubble bath and king size bed. An extra surprise is waiting for the three of you. The two models will introduce you in the art of love making and in the variations of sexual pleasure. Things you have not experienced before and maybe never thought possible. The first class arrangement is €1850,-

Royal Class: The two bi-sexual models of your choice will receive you in their luxury suite for five hours. A (bubble) bath and king size bed are waiting for you and so is an extra surprise for the three of you. The two models will initiate you in the art of making love in ways you have not thought possible let alone have experienced yourself. Until now. They show you many techniques with each other and… with you. The royal class arrangement comes for €2450,-

All arrangements include the hotel room. Travel expenses and a dinner are not included.
The arrangements must be booked ten days prior to the event.
Payment through the bank please, no cash.


Fill in the booking form.

After receiving your booking form, Vialet Escortservice will contact the model(s) of your choice and confirm the date and time of your “first time” experience. Vialet Escortservice will send you a confirmation as soon as possible.

As soon as the payment is received, Vialet Escortservice will make the hotel reservation and will communicate this with you along with other information (if any).
On the day of your first time you receive a (sms) text message from the Vialet Escortservice revealing the number of the room where your model and an unforgettable experience awaits you, for the first time.